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Modern Warfare 3 Has Been Hacked! :-(

BIG NEWS from Gamesta.com Modern Warfare 3 has been hacked, and players are now running modded lobbies in the game the give them access to very powerful glitches.


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Source: gamesta


I hate to say it, but this isn't news, lol. I was battling hacking, lag-switching, aimbotting cheaters the day I brought the game home from the store, which was so disappointing. I was really hoping Activision and Infinity Ward would have some measures in place to prevent cheating or at least ban users (and not just userNAMES) when they cheat. (Like ban all activity from that IP address, for example.)
This really sucks, man. I knew cheaters were still going to run rampant, but I hoped it wouldn't be as bad in Modern Warfare 3 as it had been with the other Call of Duty games. The hacking and cheating seriously have me thinking about a Call of Duty hiatus!
there all starting to come out with more and more shit now but at least i know how to do it so i wont get owned